5 Email Marketing Tips That Drive Results

If you want to send emails that actually get opened, clicked, and converted into sales, you are in the right place.

Let’s dive right in!

5 Proven effective email Marketing tips

  1. Email new subscribers Immediately.
  2. Use Email Automations.
  3. Adopt Text-Based Emails
  4. replaces generic CTA Copy.
  5. Re-Engage or Remove.

Email Marketing Tip #1: Email New subscribers Immediately

There is a small opportunity when someone enters into your email list when they are excited and hopeful about the content you share with them.

The best thing that you can do during this is to instantly send the promise you made when they subscribe.

This ultimately builds trust and brand loyalty.

The 2020 survey revealed that fast and free shipping is the most popular reason why people shop on Amazon. Most people hate waiting for things to be delivered.

So, in short, treat your new email subscribers like how Amazon treats their customers and delivers fast.

Now doing this manually every time would be pretty tough to do and not very efficient. For this, you have to check out the next tip.

Email Marketing Tip #2: Use Email Automations

Email automation sends automatic, time or action-triggered emails to your subscribers at a fixed time even when they newly enroll.

The most common trigger is someone subscribing to a list such as a newsletter, but there are a ton of other triggers as well.

Here is the list of 23 possible triggers:

23 possible triggers

This helps you to send emails automatically even when you are sleeping or eating breakfast. This automation is working for you.

All of this can happen with no involvement needed from you.

The best part about email marketing automation is that you can create a series of emails to send at a specific time.

Doing so can help them to move from a simple subscriber to a paying customer.

This is also known as a drip campaign or email sequence.

Email Marketing Tip #3: Use Text-Based Emails

We have all seen those emails that are beautifully designed with nice images and colors.

While they look great, they don’t necessarily send the right signals to your audience.

The emails we pay attention to most are the ones from our friends, family, and colleagues. And these emails are usually not heavily designed.

In fact, they are frequently basic text-based emails with bold or italicized fonts used every so often.

Yet, we designed emails that tend to look like advertisements.

It is not a coincidence that the emails that look like advertise most are filtered by Gmail as promotions.

So, if you want, your emails should feel more particular and convincing, switch the design to a simple and text-based design.

Email Marketing Tip #4: Change common CTA Copy

Read more, learn more, buy now, Shop now, these are the CTAs we have seen so many times.

And because they are seen so often, they don’t do a good job at convincing subscribers.

By using this CTA copy, you may miss out on potential clicks and decrease your email open rate.

So here are three high-impact email marketing tips to create CTAs for your emails:

  • Always add an Audience Goal or Pain Point

The thing your audience cares about most is finding the solution to their problems or the way to their goal. So, incorporating them into your CTA copy can have amazing results.

Just don’t overuse it and make sure the CTA copy you use should support the overall message of your email.

  • Make Your CTA Low-risk

Words like “Buy Now” require a lot from your subscribers.

Instead, change it with something more low-risk such as “View Products”.

Even a simple change from “Sign Up” to “Sign Up For Free” can occur less risky.

  • Provide A Peek Into The Future

Most people want to know what is behind a door before they walk through it. For this reason, CTA copy such as “Click Here” is not the best way to bring someone to your website.

This is because it adds no hint of what happens next.

Instead, you can change it with action-oriented verbs and descriptive copy.

Instead of “Grab a Discount”, try “Get 30% Off”

Instead of “Click Here”, try “See All Services”

Email Marketing Tip #5: Re-Engage or Remove

We know that having an engaged list is more beneficial than simply having a large one.

Therefore, to re-engage the subscribers who are inactive, try a series of emails that are still interested.

If they do not respond to the campaign, you get to clean your list of inactive subscribers.

Do you find these email marketing tips helpful?

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