Top 5 Facebook Ad Mistakes & How to Avoid Them on Your Campaigns

Avoid these Facebook Ad mistakes!

Did you know that 40% of recently surveyed marketers believe that they waste 20% of their ad budget every month?

Stats like that can be creepy. But, you can avoid a lot of wasted advertising (and frustration) by preventing these top Facebook ad mistakes.

Today, we’ll be going to discuss the top Facebook ad mistakes that new businesses make and how to avoid them.

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So let’s get started!

Top 5 Facebook Ad Mistakes & How to Avoid Them on Your Campaigns

Top 5 Facebook Ad mistakes To avoid

1. Making changes too frequently.

2. Circulating your budget is too thin.

3. Ignoring your off-Facebook funnel.

4. Sending visitors to a landing page/website that does not function well.

5. Targeting a huge audience.

Mistake 1: Making changes too frequently

The first Facebook ad mistake that most marketers make is making adjustments or changes to ads too frequently.

When you’re running or posting ads on Facebook, of course, you want to see the results quickly.

You may want to make tiny changes every day or more until something works. But don’t get panic.

You just need time to learn, and any changes you make lengthens this process.

It will depend on your business. But you’ll want to leave ads running for a couple of weeks to really see how they are working.

The learning phase is your friend.

When you do make changes, batch all of them so you can maximize the time spent in the learning phase.

Mistake 2: spreading your budget too thin

The next Facebook ad mistakes are something that everyone is concerned about — “budget”.

The budget can be one of the most important parts of marketing.

The good news is, you don’t need to spend thousands or tens of thousands a month to see success on Facebook.

You just need to use your small social media budget wisely.

When you assign a budget to your ads in the Facebook Ad Manager, you can set your ad spend at the campaign level or ad set level.

Mistake 3: forgetting your off-Facebook funnel

The reason you pay to advertise is to get people to your business, right?

When you advertise on social media, you have a great opportunity to reach anyone in the world.

But you are also competing with all of the other things happening on their timelines, from current events to family news, to funny videos.

When someone clicks on your ad, they are showing intent, however faint it may be.

Maybe they’ll buy, maybe they won’t, but if you don’t reach out to them to try to earn their attention, you’ll never know.

For that, use access to reach out to your customers frequently to build trust, create expertise, and provide solutions long-term.

Mistake 4: sending visitors to a landing page/website that does not work well

This is one of the most common Facebook ad mistakes that many marketers make.

You’ve got the customer on the website, but now you need to want them to sign up, make that purchase or engage in some other way.

If your customers are landing page of your website but leaving without desired action, something may be wrong with the landing page like the page is not loading properly, bad quality images, videos, unclear call to action button, etc.

Mistake 5: targeting a huge audience

Audience targeting can seem straightforward, but it is easy to get wrong.

You may think, “Okay, I’ll target 100 million people who are ‘women’ and 200 million who like ‘cosmetic products’ and I’ll sell all of my cosmetic products.”

But it is not necessarily the case.

You may very well sell all of your products – but it may cost you so much money to get there that you don’t break even. so try audience targeting as narrow as you can.

Your targeted audience is based on age, location, interests, and behaviors.

You can upload your customer data list from your CRM or email provider.

You can also target the customers on the list and find people who behave like them (which is called a lookalike audience).

No More Facebook Ad Mistakes!

There you have it.

These all are the top Facebook ad mistakes that we see most often, and how to avoid them.

Don’t be frustrated with yourself if you’ve been making (or have made) these mistakes. This is a learning process.

You’ll figure out something new every time you run a campaign, and you’ll get better as you go.

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