5 Ways to Steal Your Competitors Backlinks

Tired of your competitors outranking you?

You have spent time optimizing your site but it is still not turning up as high as you thought it would be?

What does the competitor have that you don’t?

The answer is Backlink – lots of backlinks.

You can’t be bought or borrowed it! You have to earn them.

But the good news is that you can use your competitor’s site as a model to eventually beat them in the search results to win the traffic race.

Here are 5 Ways to steal your Competitors Backlinks:

5 Ways to Steal Your Competitors Backlinks - Nextstrategy.in

1. Creates Better content than your competitors!

There are two types of competitors in the online competition

  • Page-level competitors.
  • Domain-level competitors.

In domain-level competitors, you compete for search engine results pages (SERPs) with your competitors. The website content and items are almost the same on both websites. It might be that the service or product you are offering is the same.

In page-level competitors, you compete for similar web pages. Your content subject can be the same or similar length. It is easier to top your page-level competitor at the top of search engine results than the domain-level competitor. One of the best techniques to grab the competitor’s traffic ranking higher and taking their backlinks is the “Skyscraper Technique”,

Let’s check it out, how does it work?

Step 1 – Find the competitors most viewed content page.

Step 2 – Create something better than that with improved content quality in your website.

Step 3 – Check out to the backlinks of your competitor and define why your content is better.

2. Find out the competitor’s broken links and reuse them.

It is most expected that your competitors will have dead links present on their websites. The page’s link that no longer exists or the URL may have changed called as broken link. It is your opportunity to identify those links and take advantage. But how?

Step 1 – Find the broken pages that have many links in your niche and then change the content (don’t change it if you have similar content).

Step 2 — Contact the website owner. Tell them that they have a broken link on their website.

Step 3 – showcase your content.

If they go with it, you have successfully grabbed their backlink. There is different software with which you can find out there broken links to a website.

3. Guest posts the same as the competitor’s websites.

Guest posting is one of the most direct and simple ways to make high-quality backlinks. Most of the Marketers are using the same strategy.

This is the best way to steal another website’s backlinks,

Step 1 – Find the competitor’s guest posts

Step 2 – Write similar content for the sites that they have written for.

The benefit of this is strategy is that if your competitors have a guest blog accepted by a particular site, then the chances to get your work publishes are high!

The best way to find your competitor’s guest posts is on Google. To find the competitor’s guest post is to search with terms. Another way to find is to enter the competitor’s URL to Backlink tools which help to find sites that have links through guest blogging.

4. Links from a site that has a link to more than one competitor

If a website links to more than one competitor, this means that you can also get the link for the same website for yourself. Whether it is a blog, forum, industry-specific portal, these are all the areas where the potential customers can be present. So it is important to take links from these places.

5. Track your competitors’ new linking opportunities!

To steal your competitor’s backlinks, you need to know from where they are getting their new links. To stay in the competition, you will need to copy the new links of the competitors. Also, make sure that they are not grabbing ahead of you.

If a site links to your competitor, it is possible that they will link to you too. So for that, you just need to know how to track new links? There are different tools that help you find your competitor’s backlinks and then examine the backlink profile to get possible link building.


We used the term “steal”, it is not actually stealing but a correct way to gain backlinks to boost your online business. By using these 5 strategies, you can create relevant links to improve the ranking of your business.

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