6 Tips to Grow Your Business On Instagram in 2021

It’s not enough for business to be on Instagram. To grow your business on Instagram, you need to use it well to engage with your followers.

But to have effective engagement on Instagram, you first need to have followers. But, followers don’t just automatically follow you just after you create an account.

Increasing your Instagram following takes time, but with consistent strategy and efforts, the popular photo-sharing platform can become a strong bonus to your business on social media.

Tips to Grow Your Business 
on Instagram in 
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Here are Six tips to grow your Instagram following.

How to grow your business on Instagram in 2021

1. Optimize bio

Does your bio picture represent your business (or you)? Do you have an engaging description in your bio about your products or services? Have you added a link to your website in your bio? Are you using clickable hashtags in your bio?

If “no”, start improving and optimizing your Instagram bio.

2. Post good, unique content.

Instagram is a visual medium and eye-catching content is key.

You don’t have to travel anywhere in the world to get people’s attention, but you do need to focus your efforts on unique, high-quality content that can be anything like photos, Small Videos, or reels. Free photo and video editing apps can bring a professional quality to your pictures that place you apart from the competition.

3. Be consistent.

People buy products and services from businesses that they trust. To build this trust with potential customers, posting your great content consistently is very important.

So, find out the best time to post your content on Instagram with the schedule.

4. Go with Instagram Live and Stories.

These two tools bring your pictures to the brand. Instagram Live and Stories can go more in-depth and present your company’s much-needed personality. They also offer a chance for communication with polls and other widgets with feedback about the brand. This instant feedback can help you to improve and grow your brand.

5. Research your industry’s hashtags.

Think of hashtags as directions for your potential customers to your page. Hashtags arrange and present content so users can easily notice and follow their interests. Posts with at least one hashtag get more engagement than those without.

Use your industry’s hashtags perfectly for the best results. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags/posts, but just because you can use that much doesn’t mean you should. Use your branded hashtag in every post.

Find the best hashtags for your industry, and use them regularly.

6. Give something away!

Everyone likes free things. Even if you offer free services or products, joining with another account to host a giveaway can bring in new friends and followers.

Finally, one “don’t”: Don’t buy followers

Sure, you could spend a little cash to pick up thousands of followers, but remember: social media is about building relationships and trust.

Sure, it may take more time to build up a large following in an ethical way, but that foundation will be strong and likely to be last. Fake followers might seem powerful, but in the long race, they are not likely to grow your business.

So looking for an expert or agency to grow your business on Instagram?

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