7 great tips to create effective landing pages

Your landing page should always be at the forefront of your mind. Yet building a landing page that converts can sometimes be a challenge.

There are many things you should avoid while creating the ideal page. But don’t worry; we are here to help you on how to optimize your landing page with 7 simple steps.

7 great tips to create effective landing pages - Nextstrategy.in

7 great tips to making effective landing pages

1. Simplicity

Producing an effective landing page is not rocket science. It is simply a thing of including key elements and doing them well. Each one is a building block on the way to creating a successfully converting campaign. 

Go with a step-by-step block:

• Headline – Your heading should matches your advert and is concise.

• Brief description – The strength is in brief here. You need to rethink your offer if you can’t describe its benefits quickly and clearly. 

• Image – High-quality images that add, not divert, from your landing page text.

• Credentials – If you are a new brand to the buyer, then it can help to present some credentials. If you are certified or have won awards, then show them. 

• Call to action (CTA) – The finishing line of your landing page. Make it visible with bright colors and eye-catching. Be creative with your CTA text.

2. Connect your page to your offer

Research suggests the more landing pages you have, the more likely you are to convert. Optimize and scale your landing page so there is a clear direction for your customer to follow. They will fail to see the connection between your advert and your offer if you use similar landing pages for each campaign.

3. Delivers value

For a successful marketing campaign, there should be an exact target group for each landing page. For example, consider that you have an offer on your landing page. Is it clear what your potential customer will gain from your offer? The lessons you learned as a newcomer regarding campaign copy still apply to landing pages.

Consider the length of the copy on your landing page too. 

4. Don’t ask for everything on your form

Consider the product you offer and the amount of information you need for it. It may be interesting to know what your customer had for dinner, but it is not necessary.

A form that is too nosy is immediately offensive to potential customers. Remember, we have to reduce the number of difficulties at the finish line as much as possible. Depending on your product, you may only need an email address. 

5. Optimize your landing page

Creating an excellent landing page is half done, but when it comes to producing the most effective landing page, optimization is important. 50% of marketers worldwide refer to A/B testing as a tool to calculate the success of campaigns.

With optimization of your landing pages, you can increase the conversion for all future campaigns. Learning what connects with customers is the key to conversion.

6. Build landing pages that work across devices. 

Have you checked how long your landing page takes to load on your mobile? Optimizing for mobile to desktop is crucial for your campaign and is something everyone should do. 

According to Google, 53% of visitors to a mobile site leave after 3 seconds if the page fails to load. Beautiful landing pages are meaningless if no one is around to see them. Don’t make the same mistake with your campaign.

7. Learn to say thank you!

Saying thanks can be nice and it is necessary for your landing page. No matter where you are from, everyone appreciates thank you. After a customer has completed your form, a pop-up with thanks or a page saying thank you goes a great way.


Keeping the landing page straightforward and always focusing on the customer is the secret to success. With a creative management platform, you can set up the perfect landing page and campaign with ease.

Creating optimized landing pages can be easy with the right tools. 

So, by applying these tips, your conversion rates will reflect this.

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