Swapnil Holey - Director and founder of Next strategy.in

Swapnil Holay

Founder and Managing Director

The story began in the UK; Throughout my time at the university, while studying an MBA, I used to volunteer to manage the university’s social media pages for events and open days. I really enjoyed creating unique strategies for getting some exceptional video content for the media. Further research in the field of Digital Marketing developed a keen interest in this field and intensified the passion for this profession.

It was during the Easter holidays when I utilized my time by enrolling for some online digital marketing courses. Certifications from Google and Facebook and several other online Courses added feathers to my cap and with this began the journey of gaining in-depth knowledge of how we can use Digital Marketing to grow Businesses. Post gaining the knowledge it was time to try the various strategies that were cooking in my mind and for that I undertook a few freelance projects. The results of those implementations were beyond imagination. My client’s reaction to the ad campaign results gave me the push to pursue this further.

Returning to India in January 2019, opened a market of opportunities for me. I did thorough research on Indian businesses and their marketing styles. The results portrayed a picture that was a bit behind the current time due to reliance on traditional ways of marketing. This was my opportunity to grab and I decided to cater to the market with my digital marketing skills. The motive was to create a win-win situation for both- me and the client. I worked on transforming their way of marketing and deliver a better growth ratio and win business in return.

My ideas, backed by my research of the Indian market launched a new player in the digital marketing world ‘NEXTSTRATEGY.IN’. The aim was to create cutting-edge digital marketing strategies for the businesses and help them sky-rocket their businesses.

The blender of my education and experience combined with the knowledge of creating cutting-edge digital marketing strategies is helping Nextstrategy.in to generate good ROI for our clients. We now have on the table a highly experienced team that works with a motive “Our client’s success is our success”. We aspire to grow with global standards and help businesses of all sizes and every domain to transform and grow using the Digital Marketing Tools.