Beginner’s Guide to SEO Content

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The clear and simple truth about SEO is, the quality of content. Yes, technical components impact ranking, but your content is ultimately the key to success for growth and search engine ranking.

Beginner's Guide to SEO Content -

So, here are a few basic SEO copy writing rules to follow that might help the search engines promote your content.

1. respect Reader’s time.

The most successful content is the answers to the questions in the least amount of time.

Pages with long paragraphs that are carelessly constructed and stuffed full of keywords are not the sort of pages that convert to business. These pages quickly drop in rank, even if they anyway rank well early on. Keep in mind that search engines have one job: adding quality results for their users. If you waste the readers’ time, you can’t stay in their favor.

2. Do not be afraid of Off-Page Links.

You will see links at the bottom of this post that that might help you. Why would we share these links with you that might take you to another page of the website? Because we remember that sharing those links can be great for both of us.

For one, it shows you that we actually want to help you, which makes you appreciate us.

For two, it shows Google that we certainly want to help you, which is also beneficial for our SEO efforts. But, be sure that the links you choose are proper and up-to-date so that Google will notice that you understand the subject.

3. Be a Part of the Local Community.

Ranking in local search is usually less challenging than ranking nationally or globally. If there is any need for your product or service in your city or state, you will have an advantage in search. Locally focused content is a little-hanging SEO fruit. So, when arranging your content plan, be sure to build content that targets your community and surrounding areas.

4. Use Simple Language.

Generally, we all want the same things that we say when we search the web. We like to have solutions to our problems. But sometimes when we search, there is often a disconnection when we write a copy with SEO in mind. Keep analyzing yourself for the value you are given your readers.

5. Optimized page for Voice Search.

Speaking of Google (and Alexa and Siri), it is likely time to include copies optimized for voice-based queries. Research shows that 50% of traffic comes in this format.

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