5 Best Business Website Builder Tools

Every growing web entrepreneur wants to launch their vision and start collecting profits on the Internet. After all, over 70% of small businesses now reach their customers over the web, and 92% of those who don’t have a digital presence claim they will have a website up and running up. Businesses are facing each other when it comes to taking advantage of the 1.6 billion consumers buying products online. Because of this, having a well-designed site can improve your prospects exponentially. However, a business website is only as good as the web builder it is based on.

So, check out the following list of the 5 best website builders for small businesses:

5 Best Business Website Builder Tools - Nextstrategy.in

1. Wix

Creating a good-looking, helpful, and informative website yourself is a child’s play with Wix. With its template-editing tools, you can get a site up and running quicker than the competition. The editing interface also makes it simpler to adjust, add, and remove page elements. The builder allows a great mix of templates, and it is simple to add plug-ins like reservations, contact forms, and food menus.

The built-in SEO tools can be set up smoothly. Most importantly, the free trial for this builder is the most useful for any professional site-building tool as the basic plan offers unlimited time to try the different tools. The templates look original and there’s no space to mess up things. Also, the builder’s plans and pricing are cheap, will fit the budget of a small business.

2. Weebly

If you want a website builder that is smoother and gives more modular editing tools, Weebly is your go-to site tool. It offers maps, contact forms, and other basics. The price is also a major focal point. The starter plan for this builder costs nearly two-thirds of Wix’s Combo plan. This goes a step further and puts no limitations on storage and bandwidth.

This builder offers impressive drag-and-drop capabilities. Also, it provides greater access to the HTML and CSS code underneath the site, while allowing users to try third-party styles and fonts. You can put your site’s keywords and description in the page’s settings, and install the tracking code for any tool you want to use.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace is useful for building business sites with high-resolution images, outstanding typefaces, long pages with various sections, and plenty of neutral space around everything. The design templates are fully functional and if your business fits in with this ultramodern aesthetics, you will end up with a great-looking website. However, an eye is necessary to prevent the site from looking cluttered and disorganized.

The support for this builder is entirely helpful and responsive, and the simple pricing is a good sign for businesses.

4. SiteBuilder.com

One of the reasons why SiteBuilder.com is so popular is that it is fully hosted. This all-in-one builder provides users have nothing to worry about the technical aspects of running a site. There are a number of site creation packages available. You can begin building your business site for free with the powerful drag-and-drop template, and numerous free templates and expand your business’ online presence.

5. BoldGrid

A product of InMotion hosting, this builder differs from others as it can be used either as a fully-hosted website page builder or a WordPress plugin. It’s a great way to experience the flexibility of WordPress while adding simplicity to the site creation process.

There is no learning curve as it is a simple drag-and-drop builder. The software even includes a WYSIWYG editor along with numerous free WP themes to make your business site as transparent as possible.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best website builder for your business requires a bit of thought. First, figure out what your website needs to grow and then choose the perfect tool on the basis of these features.

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