You know the basics of SEO and But now looking for SEO techniques to help you to take your site’s organic traffic to the next level as we lead to 2021?
When you first launch a site we follow the basics like:
Keyword research
Optimizing title tags and Meta tags
Creating optimized content
But what next? So, we are here to help you out with some advanced techniques. In this guide, we’re going to share 6 SEO techniques that can help you to charge your site’s performance:

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6 SEO Techniques You need To use in 2021:

1. Find Your Competitors’ Best Performing Pages:

It takes time to find out what’s working for the websites for ranking 1st, you can take your analysis to the next level by understanding the strategy of your competitor. The more you know about your competitors’ SEO strategy, the better your site will perform. The effective starting point is to know which page of your competitors’ performing best so that you will get an idea about where the organic traffic is coming. Analyzing your competitors’ top pages can give an idea about:
A content/keyword gap
A link gap
How to improve your existing content
How do you find your competitors’ best pages? You can use tools like SEMrush and Ubersuggest. This helps you to determine to focus your efforts on potential areas at page-level, rather than at a specific keyword-level.

2. Earn Authority Backlinks

One of the biggest challenges that SEOs face is how to earn quality and authority backlinks.
Backlinks are one of Google’s top three ranking factors. Many different link building strategies can help you to earn relevant links. One of the best strategy that will help you to earn editorially placed links through the creation of awesome content is digital PR. Content such as:
Infographics Research studies Tools and calculators Expert insights Digital PR is not pitching out promotional pieces with a press release but promoting linkable assets with a solid outreach strategy. Digital PR brings benefits like:
Driving referral traffic Good social engagement Increasing brand awareness Growth in sales

3. Optimize For ‘People Also Ask’

In the SERPs 2021, smart SEOs need to be working to take advantage of as many SERP features as possible. One of the feature of SEO is ‘People Also Ask’ that need to utilize. According to the SEMrush Sensor, the average percentage of SERPs for PAA has grown to about 40-42% for both desktop and mobile. ‘People Also Ask’ is, the questions that show on the SERPs: The main reason to give attention to PAA is that they can help you to appear prominently at the top of the SERPs as an answer to the questions of customers, with over 75% of PAA results showing in the top three results. Many marketers are not paying attention to PAA right now so it is an opportunity for you to get a competitive advantage.

4. Find out Your Competitor’s Broken Backlinks

As we already discussed how difficult to build quality backlinks, but one great strategy you can use is a broken link building. This is typically based on finding broken links, creating content that suits the link, try and get it repointed to your piece rather than the to the one that’s broken. So start finding the links that point to 404 pages on your competitors’ websites. You can use the SEMrush tool for this tactic.

5. Use of Supporting Content

Google ranks the website that gives the best result for any given search query, and that’s why it’s so important to optimize for topics, not just single keywords. This is the process of creating content that is internally linked back to a pillar page. These are in-depth pages that answer a specific question of the audience on a broad topic and link back to the main pillar page. This strategy allows you to create content for long-tail keywords. Might be your Supporting content will not drive thousands of hits from organic search each month, but it will help to rank the main page and earn its traffic.

6. Clear up Toxic Links

Backlinks can help your website rank higher on Google, the wrong type of links can also harm your rankings. If your site has toxic links, then take the time to clear them up. Let’s check out which link may harm your site:
Links that have been bought.
Link building using exact match anchor text
Large-scale article marketing.
Negative SEO
Low-quality directory or bookmark site tactics
You can find toxic links using the SEMrush Backlink Audit Tool.


If you want to increase the site’s organic traffic, you need to go beyond the basics, implement these advanced SEO techniques that will take your site to the next level, and watch your site succeed.