The restaurant business is competitive. It is considered that around 6 out of 10 restaurants fail within the first year of operations. To be successful in this highly competitive industry, you need to be on top in many areas like excellent customer service, menu optimization, and Digital marketing! Nowadays, customers have chosen to search for restaurants and order food online more and more. In this situation, Digital Marketing plays an important role. Effective digital marketing has huge potential in attracting new orders and solidifying your relationship with your existing customer base. This will not only help your customers to find your business online to come and dine at your location, but they can also find you and place an order online. So here are some practical tips to boost digital marketing strategy for your restaurants to the next level.

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5 Restaurant Digital Marketing Tips

1. Monitor Ratings & Review.

Many customers make choices based on the reviews they read online. Customers look at these sites and applications to find their next meal. They set buyer intent and add integrity to your business. This makes these kinds of review sites an important part of the restaurant’s digital marketing strategy. So, make sure you registered your restaurant on these sites to attract reviews. This will help to build your online presence and can attract new customers who may not hear about your restaurant. Once the listing is set up, it’s also important to check and respond regularly to all reviews, both negative and positive. This will help you to understand your customer’s choices that protect your restaurant’s reputation. Here are some websites and applications that will help to register your business:
Uber Eats.
Trip Advisor

2. Social Media Presence.

It does not matter what type of business you are running, you should not ignore social media. While Facebook and Twitter have been there now, Instagram is expanding their reach in terms of likes, engagement, and followers. As a business, you should tackle to benefits of these channels if you aren’t already. Only one simple account will not be sufficient, you have to be active across all channels. Identify 2-3 channels that are especially hit for you and be regular with your content on them. Post some interesting content that attracts customers, if you are a new restaurant, you should take your customer’s photographs, their review and post them on your social media handles. This will improve your restaurant’s reach and visibility. Post all media types including simple text posts, videos, and photos. Share new and interesting recipes. Host online events and contests on your social media accounts. Share posts at regular intervals with popular hashtags and trending topics to get the maximum benefit.

3. Use Influencer Marketing

If you are looking for a larger target audience, consider influencer marketing. Social media influencers are those who have well-established integrity in certain industries or demographics and have thousands, millions of followers. Reach out to Good food-specific influencers at your location and invite them to eat at your restaurant for free. If they like your food, you can offer them an influencer marketing contract. They will create a post about your restaurant, for that you can pay them a fee or give them a certain number of free meals.

4. Focus on Local SEO

One of the most important steps in a digital marketing strategy for the restaurant is search engine optimization. Local SEO is important for getting organic traffic to your website, and ultimately, customers in your seats. When someone searched for “paratha house (or whatever) near me,” your SEO rating will help your customer to find you quickly. For that, you need to create a Google My Business Account and optimize it properly with your contact information, address, pictures, videos, headings and so that your customer can easily find you.

5. Locally Targeted Ads and Online Campaigns

Restaurants are location-based businesses so your digital marketing strategies must address local markets in particular. Locally targeted online advertising is the best way to build your customer base which helps to drive more sales. For that, you can launch Facebook or Instagram ads that target users for a specific geographical area, demographics. You can also schedule your ads as per your customers’ meal timings, for example just before lunch or dinner time. You can also upload your list of past customers and target them (list-based targeting) on Facebook and Instagram. You should be careful about your creativity for social media ads. It should be catchy and visual to maximize campaign output (sign-ups or orders). You can also use search ads (on Google and other search engines) to target search traffic across Google’s network of websites.

Final Thoughts

In a highly competitive industry like the restaurant business, digital marketing is necessary to build a successful business. These were our top 5 tips and tricks to help grow your restaurant. Important digital marketing strategies for restaurants include a website optimized with content and SEO, local SEO, presence on review sites, and locally-targeted online advertising. Implementing and executing properly these things well will help you stand out from your competition in the long run.

Looking for More Help with Restaurant Digital Marketing?

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