Social media can be a dynamic platform for growing your community, as well as generating leads and sales. According to one survey, 85% of brands report generating a new client or customer from social media. But just being on social media is not enough to get followers or customers. The key lies in how well you engage your audience, which is where great, punchy social media copy comes into the picture. Below are four examples of effective social media copywriting strategies that you can apply to your brand’s social media content.

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4 Effective Strategies for Writing Copy for social media

1. Encourage your audience to join the conversation.

In the early days of social media, many businesses aiming to engage their audiences on Facebook and Twitter were slow to catch up. Fact that these platforms were not just about self-promotion or advertising. Social media is about being social, which requires moving from one-way to two-way communication (i.e. conversation). How brands do it: One way to encourage conversations with your followers on your social media channels is to write copies asking them questions and replying to their responses. Examples include: “Tell us your ideas…” “Tell us what you think.” “What are you looking forward to/excited about?”

2. Add image with emotional Copy.

Sometimes, less is more when writing copy for social media. Take Instagram, for example, where the average user spends 21 minutes each day scrolling through photos and videos. On such a visual-driven platform, crispness is the name of the game. Use your captions to elevate your images and videos by conveying a message that gives rise to emotions.

3. Desire to Learn.

Professional social networks like LinkedIn bend more towards content delivery and consumption, with 94% of B2B marketers using the platform as a content distribution channel. These are people who constantly want to learn about industry news and updates, so your copy should seek to fulfill this need accordingly, by doing the following: sharing industry news Sharing quotes from industry leaders/influencers sharing industry statistics

4. write a copy of Leverages FOMO

The fear of missing out on (FOMO) is a powerful motivator that fuels many of our social media behaviors. A survey shows that 56% of social media users are afraid of being away from social networks because they might miss out on events, news, and important status updates. And unsurprisingly, FOMO can also be an impressive way for your social media copy to grab people’s attention, especially if it uses the following elements: Exclusivity – copy reflects exclusive access Urgency – copy communicating an offering available for a limited time only Scarcity – copy communicating limited availability on an offering.


No matter which social media platform you use for your brand, great copywriting can be the key to engaging your followers more effectively. These four social media copywriting strategies give your audience a reason to stop and consume your content, which helps you to stand out from the competition.