Need fresh ideas to improve your YouTube ad results? Thinking if twisting your creativity could help? In this article, you will learn four tips to improve your YouTube video ad creative to achieve your desired results.

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Here are 4 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Ads

#1: showcase your brand name and logo at All Times in Your YouTube ads

The most common form of a video ad on YouTube is the skippable TrueView in-stream ad format. In this ad type, viewers can skip your ad after 5 seconds of watch time. Advertisers love this format because they are only charged if a user performs one of the following actions: • Watches at least 30 seconds of the ad • Watches the entire ad if the ad is less than 30 seconds • Clicks on any of the cards in the ads (call-to-action extensions, shopping cards, lead form extensions, etc.) Because of this, you have the opportunity to earn a lot from free advertising. To gain on it, we recommend adding your brand name or brand logo to your video creative. It is up to you whether to make it bright and visible or subtle with a watermark. This helps to improve the chances viewers will remember the brand name from the free video view. So, include your brand name at all times in your YouTube video ads.

#2: Test a Variety of Different hooks in Your YouTube ads

Because viewers can skip your TrueView in-stream ad after 5 seconds, those first few seconds are highly valuable. Yes, viewers can skip that ad and free advertising is good, but you do not want everybody to skip the video ad. For that, you need to constantly test your message. If you only have 5 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention, you should try to find out what visuals or audible messages are best to make a user continue watching the ad.

#3: Test completely Different types of YouTube Video Creative

Sometimes, you may not get a clear understanding of which element of the video had the biggest impact. That’s why we recommend testing different creatives when launching a new campaign. This can also help you avoid running the same types of ads over and over until they become stale or annoying to your target audience.

#4: Unlist Video Ads on Your YouTube Channel Page

If you do not properly edit your video settings, you may fill up your YouTube channel’s feed with a bunch of ad variants. That could be very unattractive to users if they think your channel only exists to sell. This may hurt any of your organic YouTube efforts. If you are planning on testing a variety of video ad creative, you can hide your video ads from your YouTube channel by changing the video’s visibility setting to Unlisted. When your YouTube video is unlisted, it will be hidden from your YouTube channel.