In this article, we will discuss why you need a Google My Business profile, and how to set up Google My Business for your company. Google My Business, also called GMB, is a must-have for any company, especially important for local businesses

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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a profile created on Google that makes it easy for people to find your business and details about it, such as name, location, hours, website, phone number, and reviews. Google defines Google My Business as “a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence on Google, including Search and maps. By confirming and editing your business information, you can help customers find you and your business.

How to create a Google Business profile?

Now let’s get down to the step-by-step to create a Google My Business profile.

1. Create a Google Account for Your Business.

To create a new Google account, go to your Google Account. If you are currently signed in to your personal account, click on your account icon, and add another account. If you are already signed into the Google Account you want to create a GMB profile, skip to step 2.

2. Find or Add Your Business Name

To create your account, go to the Google Business webpage and select “Manage Now.” Search for your business to see if it already exists on Google, or click on “Add your business to Google” if it does not show up. Nate: Make sure your business name is not similar to another business nearby because that may be their business name that may auto-populate. If your business does not have a profile yet, add the name of your business as it should appear in your Google My Business Profile.

3. Add Your Business Address

Click “yes” to add a location and enter your business address so that it can connect to Google Maps and Search results, ensuring your company will appear in local search results.

4. Add Your Service Area (for Service-Based businesses Only)

Do you also provide service to customers outside your location? If you deliver or bring services to your customers instead of them coming to your business for their needs, choose “Yes” to add your service area. You can select “No” and skip this step if people come to your business location for their sales or service needs.

5. Choose Your Business Category

Add the category that you think best fits your business. You can search for a few terms to see what’s available and discover what you think will work well for you. This affects search terms that your business can appear on Google for, so make sure that it is relevant. You can always update this later on, but it is important to choose the most similar category to your business.

6. Add Your Business Contact Details

As Google lists this step as optional, it is very important to enable customers to contact you and find your website. Add your main business phone number and website in this step. Note: You will want to add a call tracking number to your Google My Business profile once your setup is complete.

7. Verify Your Google My Business Account

Congratulations – you can now finalize your Google My Business Account once you are finished! Now, here are a few options when it comes to verifying your business: • Verify by mail: Google will send you a postcard with a code you will input later to verify your location. • Verify by phone (available for select businesses): If you are eligible for phone verification, you can select this option which will call your phone number and give you your code to enter to verify. • Verify by email (available for select businesses): If you are able to verify by email, you can click this option where Google emails you with your code to verify. • Instantly verify (available for select businesses): This option can only appear if you already have a GMB profile and are simply adding a new location. No matter which option you choose, it is important that you finish the verification process for your Google My Business listing to complete.

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