15 Social Media Content Ideas for 2022

15 Social Media Content Ideas for 2022

1. Behind the scenes.

Behind-the-scenes content turns to feel more convincing, so it can help to build trust with your audience. This kind of pleasant content creates a taste of transparency, making the content more believable.

2. Personal story.

We find personal stories interesting because it gives us a chance to enlarge and shape our opinions. Stories are a way of capturing our attention, and when they do, we are more likely to take in the message than if the same was presented in facts and figures.

3. Share a joke!

We can choose to mix with people who appreciate the same sense of humor. For that same reason, we might favor accounts that share content on social media that we find funny.

4. Share a quote

#MotivationalMonday and #WednesdayWisdom are in the same dash and really work for some brands. Most people love motivational quotes because they are short, generally entertaining, and can be quite relatable.

5. Post a how-to tutorial

Whether it is an everyday skill, a simple tip, or a tutorial for a specific design, people love to learn new things. Because new things turn on the area in our brain that boosts dopamine levels.

6. Ask a question.

Questions have the ability to trigger conversation. And when people engage with questions, they feel involved, and this builds a feeling of community, the ideal for social media engagement.

7. Share a short video clip/ reels.

Short video clips have the ability to create great engagement. And all you have to do is find it and make it. Short clips are on the point, so they grab people’s eyes.

8. Share a podcast episode you enjoyed.

More and more people are bringing podcasts, so there is a good chance it will vibrate with members of your community. This is also content that is easy to curate, but it can be returned on big i.e. engagement.

9. Post interesting stats or data about your business or niche.

Facts and figures appeal to our analytical side. Using stats, interesting numbers, and data can be a very effective way to support your content, and spark conversation.

10. Polls

Everyone loves to share their thoughts. No wonder the internet is such a busy place and polls appeal to a variety of people as you can express multiple opinions or outcomes.