5 Canva Features For Your Business Graphics

Create Better designs With These Canva Features!

Canva can be a game-changer when it comes to graphics creation.

So in today’s post, we are going to add Canva features to your list. This will help you make better designs for your business.

Let’s get started!

5 Lesser-Known Canva Features for Your Business graphics

  1. Charts
  2. Video editing
  3. Make or edit PDFs
  4. Live collaboration
  5. Presentations

1. Charts

Do you have specific data and do you want to make a visual representation of it? Now, you can manually create charts using Canva’s library of shapes, lines, and other elements.

But rather than this, Canva has a collection of charts and graphs that you can use to input your data into.

You can add charts to:

  • Infographics,
  • Presentations,
  • Social media images,

And virtually any design you want needs to display numerical information in a visual format.

2. Video editing.

The next item on our list of lesser-known Canva features has something to do with videos. Canva just upped video editing features by improving their video editing interface. You can now add different audio files to your video and split video clips.

You can control the transition between elements of the video, and other effects you want to happen in your composition.

Having this with Canva’s massive library of elements makes videos making easier and much more smoothly. Canva has all the elements that help you to create a decent video from start to finish.

3. Make or Edit your PDFs.

Now, you can export your Canva designs as PDFs.

Also, if you have any existing PDF files, do you want to update and upgrade them with relevant visual elements?

You can do it with Canva Now! Yes!

You just have to import your file and edit it directly in Canva.

Thus, it allows you the option of using any element or image available on the website to edit your document.

4. Live collaboration

This is a useful Canva feature that can be useful for teams.

For example, you are working with your colleagues on a specific design and you want to work on it together live.

Simply give them the link to your design, and they will have the exact same design artboard as yours open on their browser.

Make sure you are using the same team account/or log-in credentials.

5. Presentations

The last lesser-known Canva feature is presentations.

Did you know that, aside from designing them, you can do interactive presentations on Canva?

Well, you can! Canva has a bunch of multiple-page presentation templates to choose from.

After that, you can then edit and customize well before presenting via Zoom.

Then click on the Live button and the “Start a new session” button.

This will then generate a unique code for your audience. They can use this code when they go to canva.live using a computer tablet or phone browser.

They can also type in comments or questions for you. Your viewers will see these comments and questions live on screen.

Have you used any of these lesser-known Canva features recently? Which feature do you find more useful?

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