How to Design Facebook Carousel Ads.

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In today’s post, we are going to discuss how to create Facebook carousel ads in Canva.


What Is A Facebook Carousel Ad?

According to Facebook, it is a type of ad format in which you can “show up to 10 images or videos within a single ad, with its own link in each photo.”

How to Design Facebook Carousel Ads -

So, here are 3 Ways To Design Facebook Carousel ads:

  1. A graphic template repeated throughout the carousel, with only changes in the main feature image/product/ services.

In some cases, you may change only the image, so that you can feature a headline, such as a sale announcement, offer, or just anything that would be more eye-catching.

The goal of this is to attract your viewers to go for the next images of the carousel, which would feature individual products or services that you offer.

With such a template, your ad will have a nice and consistent look.

2. A carousel of photos of your product or service with the details placed in the ad captions.

This one needs very basic editing. For this, you have to crop or resize your images into the recommended square size.

It is important that for this type of carousel ad, you have to use the best images of your product or service.

They should be crisp and arranged well with captions.

3. A seamless or connecting carousel ad set.

This is also a type of Facebook carousel ad, the most fun one to make.

A seamless or connecting carousel ad set -

These are the separate square images, look like they are connected to each other, cleverly used to benefit the carousel’s side-scrolling function to your ad’s visual.

This is a simple method that anyone can take. This provides you with impressive Facebook carousel ads in no time.

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