How to Promote Your Blog Posts on Instagram

Instagram is a stunning tool to grow your blog! You can use this visual platform to drive targeted traffic to your blog using posts, videos, and Instagram Stories.

However, discovering the perfect mix of strategy and tools to grow your blog and get those traffic numbers can be difficult if you just started!

That’s why we have here to discuss a few easy tricks to show you exactly how to use Instagram to promote your blog. By using these simple practices, you will drive targeted traffic from your Instagram to your website in no time at all!

How to Promote a Blog on Instagram – 3 Expert Tips

1. Share your Blog Post on Instagram Stories.

One of the best ways to get your latest blog post in front of your Instagram followers is by using Instagram Stories!

According to Vidmob’s 2018 State of Social Report, over 70% of Instagram users watch Instagram Stories every day, and the popularity of Stories is not reducing. Using Instagram Stories to promote your blog content is a great way to engage with your existing followers. Also, you can possibly reach the all-new fan base who will help your blog grow!

2. Network with Other Bloggers to expand Your Reach and Grow Your Blog

When you understand how to use Instagram to advertise your blog, it’s easy to focus only on the things you can do. Building a strong connection with others in your niche can show your content to new audiences who might be beneficial for your latest blog post!

For that, you can search for accounts, influencers, brands, and companies that accomplish your interest, industry, and blog topics and that in your niche.

Also, you can introduce yourself and feel the opportunity for partnerships, features, and collaboration if available!

3. Use creative images and videos to advertise your blog posts on Instagram.

Get the attention of new Instagram users depending on their first impression of your posts. Since Instagram is a visual platform, the photo or video you use has a direct impact on your followers, engagement, and your blog traffic!

The longer your followers scroll, the less likely they are to stop.

That means that the image or video you choose should disrupt their mindless to make them stop their thumbs between the scroll.

To grab attention quickly and wow your followers, you should invest time in your Creative Elements, source and create images, videos, and graphics.

Your image also plays a huge supporting role in the story you are telling.

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