How to Use Social Media to Promote a Local Business

Pinterest and Instagram are marketing gold mines for local businesses and brands. Using these social media platforms, it is easier to reach and engage future guests.

 But sometimes small businesses with limited marketing budgets ignore the importance of social media marketing. They miss out on the opportunities to connect with potential customers.

 The good news is, with a little planning and creativity; you can attract people to your brand.

 Why use Instagram?

 Instagram is a highly visual social media platform. If you are in the real estate and salon field, you already know the value of stunning photographs and images. You may already invest in professional photography, video production, and style.

 Visual media like Instagram and Pinterest offer the opportunity to reuse your visual assets in fresh and engaging ways. Active users share ideas, dreams, ambitions, and motivation.

 Engage with customers on Instagram

 Instagram also attracts consumers. 81% of Instagram users said they use it for research services and products, according to Instagram. This may be one reason influencers shine on Instagram.

 Users share moments and experiences with friends in a candid way.

 Images and video engage users, especially when supported by compelling copy.

 As Instagram is part of the Facebook family, it divides its advertising interface by offering platform-specific options like story ads.

 Start With the basics

 It starts with your profile. Optimize all your social media profiles to come out in relevant searches on platforms and show who you are, what you do, and why visitors should visit your local business. You can use your social media bio to reference local landmarks or quickly describe your offering services.

 If you did not convert your Instagram profile to a business profile. You have to convert your Pinterest profile to a business profile. This gives you access to analytics, new publishing options, and therefore the ability to advertise.

 You have to combine your Instagram Business account with a Facebook Business page. The two share an advertising platform, creator Studio, and other resources.

 Remember to tag your location in both your profile and in your posts.

 You can also plan to develop a consistent theme and visual branding to make it easy for your followers to recognize you. Also, develop a consistent publishing schedule to keep your presence fresh and engaging.

 Social Media Marketing with Instagram

 Each social media platform has a unique practice and goal. If you want to coordinate your branding, you have to customize the content for each audience as much as possible. For example, Instagram may be a high-engagement visual platform to showcase your images and share special moments.

 Content ideas for Instagram

 Instagram is the best platform to share photographs, infographics, memes, and videos. As the platform is visually oriented, don’t forget the value of engaging copies to display context.

 Consider making use of content options beyond a post. For example, Instagram guides offer the chance to feature places, products, or existing Instagram posts in a curated guide. The guides are the way to share local recommendations, itineraries, tips, fun facts, and ideas.

 Also, remember to use hashtags and location tags to make it easier for users to find your posts. When you mention local influencers, brands, restaurants, or attractions, make certain to tag them also. Tagging with other accounts may increase your reach, engagement, and following.

 Here are a couple of ideas to urge you started:

 • Attractive photos of your ready position flats or venue along with a witty or cheery description. For this, you can also use one image or multiple images.

 • Photos of yourself or your team members along with a feature of each service.

 • Photos of your guests or customers enjoying their time with you, with a short story about their experience.

 • Videos and demonstrations. For example, if you are running a salon, you can demonstrate how to cut your hair, or a member of your salon team may demonstrate how they are experts in your salon services.

 • share positive reviews from your customers.

 • Recipes, tips and life hacks in the form of a video, infographics, or reels.

 Creating an active Workflow

 This may sound overwhelming since you’re busy running your business. Keep in mind that you don’t need to incorporate every idea or rock every platform. You may also recruit help from your team, your guests, local influencers or hire a contract social media manager.

 Use a social media scheduling tool to bulk schedule your posts. These tools also give their own analytics to optimize your publishing schedule and to help efficiently repurpose content.

 Finally, do not forget to be social! Follow correlative accounts and take a few minutes a day to scroll your feed and like or make meaningful comments on other people or brand’s posts. Don’t spam, simply engage. This may attract new followers who are interested in what you are offering.

 Finally, respond when a follower sends you a message, asks a question, or makes a comment. You never know when that follower will become an opportunity.

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