Powerful Digital Marketing Statistics and Facts for 2021

The digital marketing industry is effective and developing. This is why you must up-to-date with new advancements in the sector.

So what’s the best way to check the new changes in your industry?

The easiest way to ensure your business stays relevant is to keep know key marketing statistics.

Powerful Digital Marketing Statistics and Facts for 2021 - Nextstrategy.in

Here is the list of important digital marketing statistics to help you make better decisions.

SEO Statistics

93% of all online communication starts with a search engine.

This shows the importance of investment in proper SEO practices. This can increase your ranking on Google and other search engines. Ranking your company or business website high on search engines can be the best way to advertise your product or service.

Google gets more than 77,000 searches every second.

According to Internet Live Stats, the average number of people who use Google on any given day is 77,000. This translates to at least 2 trillion searches within a year. This shows that one of the best search engines is Google. If your website ranks high on this search engine, you can get more organic traffic.

72% of online marketers consider high-quality content creation as the most efficient SEO tactic.

Email Marketing Statistics:

In 2018, at least 281 billion emails were sent and received each day.

Some business owners have the false approach that customers don’t like being reached through their email.

But, recent statistics have proven differently. Statistics reveal that in 2018 alone, 281 billion emails were received every day and that this number may increase to 347 billion by 2022. This shows that emailing is still one of the best ways to reach your audience.

On average, the open rate for emails is 82%.

Your email open rate is directly related to your CTR or click-through rate. The more subscribers open and read your emails, the more they likely to engage with your company either by purchasing your products or researching more about your products.

The average number of people who open their emails via mobile devices is 49%.

Social Media Marketing Statistics :

There are 3.2 billion social media users every day.

If you’ve been underrating the power of social media platforms to advertise your products or services, you have to think twice.

According to statistics, there are 3.2 billion social media users who are active every day, which translates to about 42% of the population. So, If you are on social media, you could reach a greater audience and helps to boost your business.

98% of sales are getting quotas through social selling.

Mobile Commerce Statistics :

96% of the population owns a mobile phone. Break it down, 81% own a cellphone while 15% own a cellphone that is not a smartphone. This means that businesses can reach a broader market using mobile marketing techniques.

Now, over half of all online purchases are made using mobile devices.

As there is a rise in mobile shopping, make sure that your website is completely optimized for mobile viewing and transactions.

More than 40% of online transactions were done on a mobile device within 4 months.

51% of buyers use mobile devices to identify new brands and items on the market.

Mobile devices have changed the whole way of consumers search for products, engage and shop. In a recent survey, up to 51% of buyers claimed that they now use their mobile gadgets to find new brands and products. It is frustrating to navigate a site that is not mobile-friendly. If your website is not mobile-responsive, now might be a good time to fix that.

Also ensure your site has a fast load time, easy to navigate, and displays content in an easy-to-read manner.

Final Word

Since the digital marketing industry is always changing, you must up-to-date with the most recent research and trends.

We hope these statistics will give you insight into the digital marketing world. This will also help your business to be in competition.

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