Why You Should Use Reel Ads for Your Business

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Today, we are discussing how to use reel ads to find more people for your business. 

Have you ever used reel ads to promote your business on Instagram? 

Instagram Reels help to increase our reach by 45k. Our tests prove that the latest features in apps are usually the most direct and execute best.

The Reels algorithm is built to promote new, engaging content from new creators.

Currently, Instagram Reel ads are much less competitive and much less costly than other ad placements on Instagram.

You should A/B test this for your business and see if it holds. 

Let’s get into it!

Why You Should Use reel ads for Your Small Business? 

1. They could be cheaper. 

Reel ads may cost you less than other placements because of the differences in audience behavior and intent. There are no definitive numbers out yet. 

We recommend you run an A/B test so you can see if Reels placements are less expensive or not.

That’s when you will know where to focus on your paid efforts. 

2. They are less competitive.

As we have mentioned, it’s much easier for your Reel to get a ton of views than it is for a post of yours or a Story of yours to go viral. 

Because the content is in short form and plays automatically, viewers consume more time on Reels and Reel ads.

This is an advantage to advertisers.

3. It keeps your interest

Reel fits the format nicely. It uses original audio. You just need to have the right number of hashtags. 

Reel tools You Can Use

  • Download — This can help you to save your reel to your device.
  • Music – Tiu can Add music to your Reel after filming by using this tool. 
  • Voiceover – You can record a voice-over to add to your clip using this tool. voice-over
  • Effects – You can add these more effects after filming using this tool.
  • Stickers – You can add stickers to improve your Reels.
  • Draw – Using this tool you can Draw on your Reel.
  • Add Text – You can add text on the screen and set duration. 

Final Words:

Have you tried to reel ads? How have they worked for you? 

We hope this post encourages you.

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